Air Force ROTC Truths and Myths

Air Force ROTC will pay for school for anyone that joins – FALSE – Air Force ROTC does have scholarship money available, and we will submit eligible and deserving cadets for those scholarships, but the vast majority of our cadets go the entire four years and pay for college out of their own pocket.

Cadets will be sent to a combat environment if they join – FALSE – NO cadets will be required to deploy during their time in the Air Force ROTC program. However, after graduation and commissioning into the Air Force that is a possibility.

Cadets are required to serve in the Air Force and sign a contract the first day they come to training – FALSE – cadets are not required to sign a contract until returning from Field Training unless they accept a scholarship prior to attending Field Training

My hair must be cut/styled a certain way, and men will have to shave when attending military training – TRUE – we will provide specific details, but all cadets are required to display a professional military appearance during all military training events.

I will have to wear a uniform – TRUE – cadets are required to successfully complete at least one month in Air Force ROTC prior to being issued military uniforms but we be required to wear them once issued. Before wearing a uniform, cadets must successfully complete a Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) and a detachmentproduced uniform quiz.

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