About Detachment 490

 Welcome to Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Detachment 490 at the New   Jersey Institute of Technology. The mission of AFROTC is to develop quality leaders for the Air   Force. Through intense leadership training and Aerospace Studies coursework, cadets earn the   opportunity to join the world's finest Air Force. Cadets from Detachment 490 have gone to serve   in a range of career fields, from designing the leading edge computer and space systems to   flying the world's newest jet aircraft.

 Detachment 490 offers cadets a focused training environment that instills the values of   integrity, service before self, and excellence. These values help to develop the type of well   rounded officers the Air Force is seeking. In addition, cadets often participate in numerous   activities and organizations that reach out to the local community while strengthening the skills   necessary to benefit their careers in the military.

  We offer scholarships for a range of academic programs, open to both high school and college   students who excel in academics and display leadership potential. We welcome you to   AFROTC Detachment 490 and look forward to assisting you on  your flight into the U.S. Air Force.

Fall 2018 Class Schedule:


  • AFROTC Leadership Lab (LLAB): 0700-0900
  • Aerospace Studies 111 (Freshman/1st Year Cadets) 0915-1015
  • Aerospace Studies 221 (Sophomore/2nd Year Cadets) 1030-1130
  • Physical Training (All Cadets): 1300-1400


  • Aerospace Studies 333 (Junior/3rd Year Cadets) 0830-1130


  • Aerospace Studies 443 (Senior/4th Year Cadets) 1330-1630