High School Scholarships

High school seniors that meet all eligibility requirements may apply for Air Force ROTC scholarships through the High School Scholarship Program (HSSP). For more information on the HSSP process please visit


In-College Scholarship Opportunities

Based on Air Force ROTC scholarship funding levels, Headquarters Air Force ROTC may offer an In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP) to eligible students/cadets that have completed at least one full academic term in college. Eligibility requirements for ICSP vary each semester. For more information regarding ICSP opportunities, please contact the detachment office.

*Detachment cadre, recruiters, current cadets or any other member representing the Air Force or Air Force ROTC cannot guarantee receipt of or eligibility for any Air Force ROTC scholarship.


NJIT Scholarships

In addition to the Air Force's scholarship aid, NJIT also offers financial incentives to cadets who attend NJIT. All students who are enrolled in the Air Force ROTC program are eligible to receive University funding. University funding, in combination with funding from Air Force ROTC cannot exceed the cost of education. This funding is offered at the discretion of the University, not Air Force ROTC.